Monte Pertica

Concept: A knife it’s not only a utensil. This craft is taught to remember war when it was in our homes, in fact steel has shreds of a grenade from WWI (Battaglia del Grappa 1917) and in the handle has animal bones collected on the same battlefield. The pattern of the blade is designed to represent the fire of the battle.

Terra e Fuoco

Concept: The line of Ws pattern represents the earth, origins, and tradition, while the explosion symbolizes fire: “Among all images, those of flames convey a sign of poetry within them. We look at the fire with admiration and this admiration comes from afar.”(G Bachelard La Terre et les Rêveries du repos). The plastic deformation of the pattern towards the blade’s tip underlines the movement of the fire and it’s a technical virtuosity.




Burning Bodies